Alison is the co-owner of Simply Pilates and Master Trainer for Peak Pilates®.

Alison was very lucky that she was able to start dancing and Yoga at a very early age as her parents are very active people, and this instilled a love for movement.

After completing her Bachelor of Science degree, she moved to New York and lived there for 5 years where she found her true passion – Pilates. She feels very honoured and blessed to have been mentored  by the amazing Pilates Masters Susan Moran, Peter Roel and Bob Liekens.

After returning to Australia to start her Pilates studio here in Melbourne, she was asked to join the Peak Pilates® Instructor Training Team and was able to further her training with the illustrious Master Trainers, Clare Dunphy, Colleen Glen and Zoey Trapp. Alison is very proud to be part of the Peak Pilates® global Master Instructor Team and to be able to offer their Teacher Training Programs right here in Melbourne.

With great privilege Alison has been able to train Instructors in Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. To participate and present in a number of Fitness Conventions in New York and Idea in Las Vegas as well as Filex.

Her passion is people and Pilates and and the amazing effect that classical Pilates has on changing the body. She loves helping people to feel good and making them happy. Alison believes in healthy exercise, healthy nutrition and happy soul.



I have been in the Pilates industry for over 15 years, and along with Alison I am the co-owner of Simply Pilates, and an international Peak Pilates Master instructor.

My passion in life is Pilates and movement. I love to share my knowledge, experience and passion for exercise with others. Throughout my 15 years of experience I have attended, as well as conducted numerous courses and workshops in Authentic Pilates, anatomy, teaching and presentation skills, stretching and functional fitness, to name just a few. I also love teaching the Barre method, and thoroughly enjoy bringing this fun workout to people.

I have traveled extensively, teaching and learning about Pilates and fitness. My passion lies in bringing my love and knowledge of Pilates to enrich people’s lives. I also enjoy running, weight training, reading, chocolate and watching True Blood.

‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.’ – Joseph Pilates



Cathy began her Pilates journey twenty years ago, when she became a client of Simply Pilates, whilst working in Private Practice as a Physiotherapist. From a fitness perspective she had experimented in Yoga, Gym and running but Alison and Sandra at Simply Pilates made the experience of attending Pilates inspiring, effective and addictive! So much so that she undertook the Peak Pilates Instructor Training course. She is still a physiotherapist and a busy mum of 2 boys, so she knows that Pilates is a necessity and focal point of anyone’s health and well being.



Louise first discovered Pilates in her native England over 15 years ago. She joined the Simply Pilates studio as a client in 2005 after moving to Australia with her family and has been a committed client and now instructor ever since. Having suffered chronic back pain for many years, Pilates has helped restore flexibility and strength. She is passionate about classical Pilates and the many benefits of this movement system and feels immensely privileged to be able to share the discipline with others.

Louise is married with two adult sons and a teenage daughter. The family is mad about sport and fitness, are all keen tennis players, and have been hugely supportive to Louise whilst training.

She has been lucky enough to travel widely, loves France and the French language, cooking, tennis and skiing. She holds a private Pilots Licence in both Australia and the UK and is a Cordon Bleu trained cook.



Hi my name is Sophia, born and raised in Melbourne. I have worked in the fitness industry for 15 years, I enjoy weight training and utilise my cardio outdoors. I have a son and fur daughter, I enjoy traveling and have had the privilege to live in South Africa working closely with wildlife. My journey with Pilates began in my mid30’s, slowly working through my own rehabilitation from a lower back injury, where I found my passion to help others achieve their own health and wellness goals. I cannot emphasise enough the need for quality movement and posture. Pilates, strength training and anything fun and challenging is what inspires me and I won’t stop until I help you achieve your fitness goals!

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind & elevates the spirit”  -Joseph Pilates




Amanda is passionate about movement, keeping strong, fit and remaining flexible with a combination of Pilates, Yoga, walking, weight training and Feet Up classes (inversions on apparatus)! She also enjoys balancing her more physical activities with meditation, breath work and Yin Yoga.

Having completed her Teacher Training studies in both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, she found a passion to teach Yin.

Amanda welcomes you to a restorative practice of Yin. Her classes guide you into the present moment with gentle breath work, movement and then finding stillness in the shapes. This allows our body to surrender and gently stretch, for chi to flow through our meridians and for our mind to calm and quieten.

Amanda looks forward to welcoming you to the Mat.



Ali began her Pilates journey over 15years ago. Suffering from piriformis syndrome and unable to sit without pain for more than 20mins, her Physio suggested she avoid her usual cardio routine and consider Pilates as a way of learning to use her glute muscles properly. As someone who had been active all her life either on the netball court, ice skating or in the gym, she was amazed at the increase not only in flexibility but also strength, that she gained through Pilates. As a senior business executive who travelled constantly either sitting on planes or in meetings, Pilates also provided an opportunity to stretch and elongate her muscles even when she was limited in time and space. It quickly became a passion and as she considered life beyond her hectic business career, decided to train in the Authentic Pilates method to help others experience the benefits.



Hi, I’m Emma! I began my Pilates journey back in 2016 as a client of Simply Pilates to help improve my core strength as a dancer. I fell in love with the movement of Pilates and soon after completed an online Barre Pilates instructor course with Barre Body. Now with over 3 years of barre instructing and 12 years of dance experience, this gives me a great foundation for my barre teaching and I like to incorporate elements of both dance and Pilates in my classes. I like to focus on feeling good in your body in my classes and enjoying the movements whilst also feeling the burn! After a year of travelling in 2023 and completing a study abroad semester exchange in the UK, I am so excited to be back teaching in the beautiful Simply Pilates studio.

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To give you the best possible start Simply Pilates recommends a minimum of 3 to 5 Private sessions to begin with.

These will form the base of your assessment and allow us to guide you into the Pilates Method and also match you with an appropriate group.

Wear something you feel comfortable to work out in. It can range from tights to tracksuit pants, from singlets to t shirts. Very loose shorts are not always the best option as sometimes your legs will be up in the air.
For Pilates classes you can be bare foot or wear socks or purchase grip socks at the studio.
For the Booty Barre classes we recommend either bare feet or ballet slippers.
You can bring water or purchase it at the studio, the only thing you will need to bring is a small towel if you like and a good attitude.

Beginners can start on either Apparatus or in a beginner Mat class. To start with the Apparatus, you will need to do a few private sessions so that we can assess your level and also get you familiarized with the Apparatus.

Your aim should be to work out 2 – 3 times a week. This may be exclusively Pilates, as our sessions constitute a full body workout, or you may choose to add Pilates to your current exercise routine. Pilates will compliment and enhance all other activities

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