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Each 12 Week Guide has been created in a professional and comprehensive easy to download digital book.

Starting with our Beginner’s Guide, the 6 key Pilates Principles are explained in detail. Each workout during the 12 weeks is presented in simple format, making it easy for anyone to get started, irrespective of age or fitness levels.

The program begins with foundational Pilates movements and exercises, then the intensity increases slightly with each additional week. This allows the body to continue adapting to the specific Pilates exercises.

What makes our Pilates guide a little different is the addition of some body weight strengthening exercises and barre work. These guides are designed to strengthen your core, strengthen and stretch your spine, work your legs, glutes, arms, back and your whole body

Each exercise has clear instructions and is presented visually with professional photos.

Digital Guides

Available on Any Device

All our Pilates Guides are digital books and can be downloaded instantly worldwide on your desktop computer, iPad or iPhone.

Bring your iPhone to the gym, Local Park, office and even on holidays to enjoy the many benefits of Real Pilates.

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Why Pilates?

Everybody can benefit from Pilates. People of all body shapes and sizes, and all levels of fitness and coordination. Pilates truly offers something for everyone. The many benefits include:

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About The Pilates Sisters

Master Pilates Instructor

Sandra Percic

I have been in the Pilates industry for over 15 years, and along with my sister Alison I am the co-owner of Simply Pilates, trading as the Pilates Sisters. I am also an international Peak Pilates Master Instructor. My passion in life is Pilates and movement. I love to share my knowledge, experience and passion for exercise with others.

A serious car accident when I was in my 20’s stopped my movement ability – until I completely rehabilitated myself with the power of Pilates. The injury has given me a deeper understanding of the body. Particularly the spine and the crucial connection of a strong core.

Throughout my 15 years of experience, I have conducted dozens of courses and workshops in Authentic Pilates, pre and post natal Pilates, Barre and functional fitness.

Master Pilates Instructor

Alison Percic

I have been actively involved in Authentic Pilates for over two decades, becoming comprehensively certified through Power Pilates in New York in the 90’s and then bringing this amazing method to Melbourne, Australia.

In 2001 I was asked to join the Peak Pilates Master program (the only one of its kind in the world), and I feel very blessed to be able to mentor new instructors in the art and science of teaching Pilates.

I have presented at many domestic and international conventions as well as guest teaching in Japan, Indonesia, America, New Zealand and Europe

Together with my sister we run a successful Pilates and training centre, Simply Pilates in Australia.

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To give you the best possible start Simply Pilates recommends a minimum of 3 to 5 Private sessions to begin with.

These will form the base of your assessment and allow us to guide you into the Pilates Method and also match you with an appropriate group.

Wear something you feel comfortable to work out in. It can range from tights to tracksuit pants, from singlets to t shirts. Very loose shorts are not always the best option as sometimes your legs will be up in the air.
For Pilates classes you can be bare foot or wear socks or purchase grip socks at the studio.
For the Booty Barre classes we recommend either bare feet or ballet slippers.
You can bring water or purchase it at the studio, the only thing you will need to bring is a small towel if you like and a good attitude.

Beginners can start on either Apparatus or in a beginner Mat class. To start with the Apparatus, you will need to do a few private sessions so that we can assess your level and also get you familiarized with the Apparatus.

Your aim should be to work out 2 – 3 times a week. This may be exclusively Pilates, as our sessions constitute a full body workout, or you may choose to add Pilates to your current exercise routine. Pilates will compliment and enhance all other activities

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