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Group Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9.00am Apparatus 3




Mat 3



 Barre F

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10.00am Mat 2


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10.30am Apparatus 2
10.30am Barrels & Bands




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Apparatus 2

Core plus
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7.00pm Apparatus 2

The difficulty of the class is denoted by 1 – beginner, 2 – intermediate, 3 – advanced

Class Types

Apparatus: using a variety of Pilates equipment, maximum of 6 participants (Pilates experience needed)

Mat: Pilates Mat exercises with possible use of props., maximum of 12 participants (Pilates experience needed for level 2 and 3).

Barre : open to any level, with cardio focus, maximum 11 participants (no experience necessary)

Barre F: open to any level with flexibility focus, maximum 9 participants (no experience necessary)

Core Plus: open to any level, 30min class focusing on your Powerhouse muscles which includes Core and Butt (no experience necessary).

Barrels and Bands: this group class uses the spine corrector and bod bands to work the entire body but especially creating flexibility in the spine. Open to all levels, some Pilates experience necessary.

To book please call (03) 9596 9139 or click here for online booking.