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At Simply Pilates, we are dedicated to delivering the very best in classical Pilates and Barre.

We specialize in the classical or authentic style of Pilates, a style that reflects the original series of exer­cises as designed by Joseph Pilates himself. Classical Pilates is cross-conditioning and functional fitness at its best. Rhythmic, flowing and focused, it connects one movement to the next building greater endurance, strength and performance.

Get ready to experience a totally different workout with Simply Pilates. Our professional team is here to combine discipline with fun to keep you enthused and help you achieve your goals in a friendly atmosphere of encouragement and motivation. We are here to help you find the joy in movement!

When you’re ready to do something amazing for yourself you can book using our online booking system or call us on 9596 – 9139. See you soon!


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Our Pilates Guides are now available to purchase!!!
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Lots of Love from the Pilates Sisters

Happy New Year!!!

A New Year and the chance to make a fresh start.
Take some time to think about what you would like to achieve this year and then make a plan to go get it!!
If you have been wanting to try something new for your body and soul or if you know how amazing Pilates is and you want to get back into it, give us a call on 9596 9139 or book online and lets make this your best year yet!!!

lots of love,
your Simply Pilates Team