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Types of classes

At Simply Pilates you can do Studio Sessions which include Privates, Duets, and Semis; or you can do Group Classes which include Apparatus, Mat and Booty Barre.

Here is a brief description of each type to help you decide what would be best for you. If you are feeling unsure please feel free to contact the studio and we will assist you.
Please note that for all Studio sessions and Apparatus classes, a minimum of 3-5 Privates are required.

Studio Sessions

Privates – 55min or 30min
This is a completely individualised session, as there is only you and one Instructor.
When you begin Pilates for the first time the Private sessions form part of your assessment. This allows us to see your strengths and also areas that may need some extra attention. It also allows your Instructor to match you up with a suitable semi or group which will keep you challenged and motivated. Please note that it is studio policy that you are required a minimum of 3 Private sessions if you wish to join a semi-private or an apparatus group class.

Duets – 55min or 30min
Duets are designed for people who would like to work out with a friend or family member. These can be a full 55min session or an intensive 30min.

Semi-privates – 55min
Semi-privates are our most popular choice as there are only 3 – 4 clients in the class. We match you with an appropriate levelled session and you have the full studio equipment at your disposal. You may use the refomer, tower, chairs, barre and barrels – depending on what your Instructor deems most beneficial for you.

Group Classes

Apparatus class –55min
This class has a maximum of 6 people and one Instructor. In this class you
will be challenged using the Tower appartus, the Mve chair and Barre.
The class is designed as an overall body workout, to challenge the core, align the body and give you a fun workout.
Wear something comfortable to work out in, bare feet or socks and you can bring or purchase water.

Mat Class – 50min
All our classes focus on developing core and back strength, balance and alignment and stregthening and toning the arms and legs. The difference here is that we are using gravity to challenge the body placements and sometimes
also therra bands or power circles. It is a group class environment with a
maximum of 9 participants. Mats are provided, however you will need to
bring your own towel if you like. You can work out bare foot or in socks. GripBooty Barre
socks and water are for sale or you may bring your own.

Booty Barre – 50min
This class combines Pilates principles with Dance and Yoga. It is a highly
effectiveworkout set to music with a maximum of 10 participants. You can choose the Flex and Flow or the Booty Barre Plus.
Both classes are designed to make you sweat and chisel those muscles, however Booty Barre Plus has more Cardio and Flex and Flow more flexibility. We recommend that you bring a small towel and workout in bare feet or ballet slippers or Nike studio wraps.